Dear proud MINI owner,

First of all, we would like to say congratulations on your purchase of your new MINI Cooper! It truly is an exciting experience isn’t it? Every member has stories of ordering and tracking their car across the pond. We all remember the excitement when they handed us the keys, and the excitement hasn't left (neither has the smile).

The MINI Car Club of Indiana was formed in May 2003 and serves the great state of Indiana (and some surrounding areas), but we support any motorer visiting Indiana and are willing to share tips on where to go with your MINI while you are here. Indiana has some great places to motor and we are still finding more every day.

The board would like to personally invite you to become a new member of the MINI Car Club of Indiana. “Why is there a car club, and why should you become a part of it,” you might ask? Our first answer to that is because you are already a part of an elite group of people, simply by owning a MINI.

If that doesn’t totally explain the car club, then maybe these membership benefits will:

  • Membership into the club (renewable yearly)
  • Club t-shirt and other swag
  • Road rallies (local and area rallies)
  • Social gatherings for members, friends, and other motorers
  • Discounts on merchandise at Dreyer & Reinbold and MINI-Madness.
  • Connections to happy motorists like yourself
  • Trading motoring stories with like-minded motorists
  • Trading or selling MINI apparel or unwanted old parts and accessories
  • Full access to the club website
  • Motoring camaraderie…need we say more!

Membership dues into the MINI Car Club of Indiana are only $30 per year! The membership dues go towards events, expenditures, and all of the other benefits listed above. We do hope that you decide to become a member of our club.

For more information, questions, or to join the club, please don’t hesitate to email us at Even if you do not reside in the state of Indiana, but would still like to become a member of the club, we would be glad to have you in our club or forward your information to another club that might be closer to you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Happy Motoring,

The Board of Directors
MINI Car Club of Indiana





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