From time to time (at least once a month), MINICCI hosts some sort of event. Events range from leisurely "Sunday Drives" to popular ralleyes with trivia and prizes. Despite the apparent differences in events, there is always one constant. Our love for our MINI's.

Basically events come in four different types:

MINICCI Gatherings- Usually the second Monday of the month we gather for food, fun and fellowship at a local restaurant. These are great places to meet other MINI owners and learn about what a great car we all own (or hope to own some day).

Sunday Drives- Here we get together to go for a leisurely Sunday drive. These drives usually take us some place interesting and on the "road less travelled."

An early spring Sunday drive.

Road Ralleyes- These events are like Sunday drives but with some other aspect making it even more fun. They tend to end in a secret location where we all have a nice lunch. Poker Runs, and Scavenger Hunts are just a few of the kinds of ralleyes- plan for a co-pilot, a picnic and fun.

Checking in after the rally.

Overnight Adventures- What could be more fun than going further afield with your MINI? In August we are heading North to visit the some wonderful places. October 2007 sent us out to Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. 2008 is looking like it will have trips to Kentucky, and Florida just to name a few.

Other Stuff - Who knows what fun you can have in a MINI? MINICCI tries to come up with other fun things to do- this could be Tech Sessions where we learn more about the care and feeding of our MINIs or just a fun day at the track seeing what our MINIs can do.

Dreyer & Reinbold MINI has invited us out to have some fun on the Kart track in New Castle.

For the most up to date information on our events, visit our forums. Here you will find all information necessary to join us on one of these events and/or to relive past ones.

Event Update:

Lots going on and as always help is appreciated contact to see how you can help.

Plans & Schemes- Check out the forum and let your voice be heard. We've got a couple of polls under Plans & Schemes about where we should plan drives andother events . Some of them are up for only a limited time.

Keep posted on our forums or through our calendar for some spur of the moment drives and meet ups through out the year.

Planning on going on a drive or rally?

If you plan to join us it is always best to follow the scout motto and "be prepared." No matter how long the drive or rally always plan to bring a snack and a drink (dehydration is bad and an empty stomache can make even the happiest motorer grumpy). Besides that you should consider:

  • an FRS radio set to channel 7 sub 21(unless otherwise noted)
  • a cell phone
  • a camera
  • good music
  • MINICCI shirt
  • Everyone has their personal must bring list which could include: first aid kit, sunscreen, tire repair kit, left-handed torque wrench, stuffed monkey, GPS, ruby slippers, track tires, cork screw, duct tape, etc... but you really need to decide what is best for you.






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