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Where can I get some shirts with your logo?

The MINICCI logo is now available for use on any item from Lands End Business Outfitters (  There are two logos available.  The large logo is 4.5 X 3.42 inches and may not fit on some of the smaller areas of the garments.   A smaller version is also available that is 3.5 inches wide.  The cost to add our logo to any of the Lands End Business items is $8.50. 

Go to  In the upper right hand corner, select MY Account and create an account.   Sign up for the emails.   You’ll get about one email a day, but you will also get notice of frequent discounts and when free shipping and free embroidery are offered.
Add the MINI club logos to your account. This makes them easily available anytime you want to purchase an item.  The larger logo ID for the MINI club is 1499280. The smaller logo ID is 1502630.  The Customer Number is 6894024.

Select the item(s) you want.  Below the item is the box for Apply Logos.  If you have added the logo to your account, it will be available for selection, then pick where you want it added to the item.   If you are picking a dark color, look at the changing logo color information.
Select apply logos, and add to bag for checkout.
Their phone number is on their web page and the staff there is very helpful if you have any questions.

Thanks to the Sponsors of MINICCI

"My what a cute little car! Does it get good gas mileage?"
Your actual mileage may vary, I didn't buy my MINI for the mpg.

Do I have to own a MINI to join the club?
Not at all, we love talking about our cars to anyone, and usually there is room for a navigator or photographer on our drives. Classic (or "proper" as I have heard them called) or New, if you love MINIs or are just interested in them find out more by joining us.

Where else can I go to get more information about buying a MINI?
If you live in Indiana the only dealership in the state is Dreyer & Reinbold MINI in Indianapolis, but you could start by visiting MINIUSA and building one online to see all the different combinations. I have lost count- but I have never seen two MINIs that are exactly alike. The correct term is "you-i-fication."

"My what a cute little car. I hear they hold their value, is that true?"
Yes, but I really am not thinking about selling my MINI, it would be like selling my brother. Wait... how much would you like to spend? He is good at heavy labor, and doesn't eat much. He's a great conversationalist, really funny guy. We would have to add shipping from California... no wait, my parents would want a percentage- there goes any profit.

Check the Marketplace in our forums sometimes a MINI will be put up for adoption there, or if you are looking post your interest and see what happens.

I have two MINIs so does that effect my membership dues?
As you can see many of us have two MINIs so we offer a break in membership cost for the second MINI. One MINI $30 any additional MINI living at the same address $15 so all Motorers in the same household have all the benfits of membership (email list, card, discounts, & SWAG). This is really helping me out since I still think my wife should know everything on my calendar through osmosis. Now that she's a member, she gets the same email reminders I do.

"My what a cute little car! How can you fit in it? "
It has something to do with warping space/time but you can actually fit a lot in a MINI. I suggest you read "...And He Built a Crooked House" by Robert Heinlein that kind of covers the principle.

Where can I go online to learn about MINI?
There are a bunch of places (just to name a few)-

"My what a cute little car! Does it go fast?"
It goes as fast as I want it to go.

Where can I buy accessories for my MINI?
We don't endorse any one vendor but here are some places you might try (caveat emptor)

MINI gear (shirts, apparel & other MINI things) can be found at any Dealership (use your MINICCI Member discount at D&R) or these fine Internet retailers (caveat emptor)

"My what a cute little car! Have you seen The Italian Job? "
Yes, both the original and the remake.

Other clubs available in the region.
Amazingly enough each state has at least one MINI club. Surrounding Indiana are the following clubs:

Okay... Are you all crazy, it is only a car after all?
Until you own a MINI, you just wouldn't understand. Our membership feels that the MINI is a unique personal expression. While the majority of us drive our MINIs daily to and from work, MINICCI gives us an opportunity to have a lot of fun with our cars and share in the MINI community. In all my years of car ownership... the MINI is a unique experience.





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