So... you've decided to join us, to embrace your inner motorer. There is much to do... forms to fill out, things to get notorized, officials to bribe. Actually, all you need to do is raise your right hand and repeat after me.

"I (state your name) do solemnly swear to uphold the mission of the MINI Car Club of Indiana and to take care of my MINI who has been christened, (state MINI's name here). Realizing that owning a MINI is a great reponsibility I will do my best to wave at passing motorers and to have fun even when driving to work. I will wear my ownership as a badge of honor, and will spread the joy of MINI to everyone I meet. Even after my friends, family and co-workers are tired of hearing about my MINI. "

Oh- I almost forgot.. click on the link below to access a .pdf file of the Membership Application, fill it out and get it into snail-mail post haste. Remember to enclose your check to "MINI Car Club of Indiana" and hopefully you'll get your nifty membership card and t-shirt at the next gathering (please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing your request). Now go out there and sign onto the forum, We are all looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Click here for the New Membership/Renewal Application


Remember: First year members get a t-shirt and nifty membership card. Renewals receive a membership card and extra special swag as determined by the Board. If you are a returning member and would like a new shirt you can always purchase one from the MINIster of SWAG.

Fine Print: As our membership has grown it became apparent that we needed a better way of tracking and maintaining membership renewals. Virtual members while nice at this point only get access to the forum if you want anything special, fill out a membership/renewal application and join the real fun.

All MINI/Mini owners are welcome to participate in MINICCI activities. Paid members receive extra benefits which include discounts on parts and accessories plus direct email communication of upcoming events. In order to ensure that only paid members are receiving these benefits an expiration date is now added to all new membership cards. All SWAG is available for purchase by members through our MINIstry of SWAG either by contacting the MINIster or at events. Make sure to have your membership card to prove you are a member.

Memberships will always run from January 1st to December 31st.

Dues received prior to October 1st will always apply to the current year and dues received on or after October 1st will apply to the following year.

Since we have a number two MINI families (the question keeps coming up) we have added a second membership at the same address for $15 less so you can have two members for $45 each member gets full benefits of membership. With this change the category of "Associate Member" has been eliminated.






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